The wood : safe

A wooden building is safe at several points.

Contrary to what some people think, wood is very resistant in case of fire.
It is indeed more resistant to heat and has a few more favorable characteristics than steel or concrete.
Its thermal expansion is very low (about 1/3 of that of steel and concrete).
This means that the wood components are deformed and very few assemblages are stable.
While the steel loses its strength in a fire, wood catching fire him that 365° and burns slowly, while keeping its load-bearing properties.
Therefore, there is no danger of immediate collapse.
The wood also has the advantage of not generate toxic gases by burning, unlike many organic products.

We forget too often, our region is subject to some seismic activity, rare, but not zero.
Implemented in accordance with the rules of art, wood structures are naturally share their connections "elastic", an ability to absorb deformation related to seismic events.