The wood : aesthetic

A wooden construction is aesthetic.

Traditional or contemporary, wooden architecture fits into every style of urban space.
The development of wood technology is conducive to the development of a contemporary aesthetic.
Many architects, sensitive to the human dimension of the material, and it spawned a new "urban wood".
In buildings made of concrete, glass and steel, they use it as readily. Wood not only harmonizes with all other materials, but he often aesthetic which establishes the link between formal elements.
Whether to build new or renovate, to achieve the harmonious expansion of an old building, to create a resonance of disparate buildings or make a soul to a housing complex materials austere and aggressive proportions - the wood is still the factor of integration of beauty.

A wooden structure gives life to the volumes outside and inside.
No need to "deco" added, the structural elements become agents of your living space: a valuation of structures exposed exterior and interior.