The wood : economic

A wooden construction is to save money…

…To construction.

Building with wood is much faster than concrete construction. Construction time is reduced, the financial costs of borrowing are lower.
The supporting structure of wood is also less than 20% of construction costs. Moreover, as the weight of a wooden house is lower than that of a masonry house, the foundation works on land carriers are slightly cheaper.

…To use.

Wood is the material thermal performance.
A wooden house is naturally much insulation as a masonry house, it achieves 20% savings in heating, even much more. The low thermal conductivity of wood makes a good insulator which is relatively close to the synthetic insulation. Compared to other building materials, wood is 12 times more insulation than concrete, 350 times more than steel and 1,500 times more than aluminum. A wood frame building is heated easily, with an equable climate and stable even after a long period of vacancy.

And as the performance of the timber frame are a natural fit thermal regulatory standards and complies with new regulations, a wooden structure induces no additional expense. Also, wooden constructions fall easily within the HPE labels 2, 3 and 4 stars (high energy performance).