The wood : ecological

A wooden building that is environmentally friendly

Wood is the only renewable resource and manufacturers of wood products to ensure its renewal.
Through practices of sustainable forest management.
Wood is also the only building material that, to regenerate, uses solar energy in a continuous cycle of sustainability.
The transformation of natural wood requires less energy and produces less air pollution and water pollution than does the manufacturing, high energy, steel and concrete.

Building wooden helps fight against the greenhouse effect.

Indeed, one ton of wood is about 1.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) absorbed by the trees. But it was the young trees, growing, consume the most carbon and release the most oxygen. So by taking in the forest by thinning, but not young people who are mature, it increases the efficiency of the CO2 trap, and the ability of the forest to renew itself. These practices are developed for two centuries as part of a sustainable forest management.

Building with wood is therefore participate in the life of the forest.

Contrary to popular belief, the forest is gaining ground throughout Europe. The French forest has more than doubled its surface in two centuries, and continues to grow.
Since the 50s, our forest reserves have increased from 12 to 16 million hectares and harvesting of timber is only about two-thirds of the annual growth of timber.