The wood : comfortable

A wooden building is the complete comfort.

Wood is the only material that soothes, and breathable.
Soft and warm, it creates an environment profoundly serene.

Living, breathing wood: its ability to absorb and release humidity of ambient air generates a very healthy indoor climate.

Wood is particularly effective against the cold, but also against heat.
A wooden wall insulates better than a masonry wall with reinforced insulation. The low thermal inertia timber regulates the temperature changes quickly. And as the timber frame is characterized by the absence of thermal bridge - which represent over 30% of losses of a masonry house - wooden house is at the forefront of systems to reduce consumption energy. On the other hand, wood construction saves 5 to 7% of living space compared to another type of construction.

The wooden construction offers excellent sound insulation.
In a timber frame house, the juxtaposition of materials used in exterior walls (drywall, plaster hydraulic wood-cement panels, stone cladding, etc.). Materials and said "spring" (wool and insulating fibers) totally isolates from outside noises.

The wooden structure does not interrupt the earth's magnetic field required for the biological balance of man.
Similarly, a wooden house is communicating. Indeed, let the wood go well the frequencies of the radios.
The frequency is 5 to 10 times less damped by wood than concrete, wood guarantees from the room or is found, the proper management of all radios in the house: wifi, boiler and heater water, safety equipment, lights, opening and closing shutters, etc.