The wood : adaptive

A wooden construction adapts to any.

The wood is difficult terrain and sites do not scare him.
Terrain too steep, a small plot where conventional construction is impossible or too costly, the wood provides the solution.
Flexible and reliable, and modular, we can indeed build wood on all types of terrain, whether wet or rough few carriers.
The technique of the house on stilts, overlooking a slope or a body of water, is one of the best constructive solutions.
Moreover, as a wooden house is a weight five times lower than masonry building, its foundations are necessarily lighter, which offers an undeniable advantage on land ill-bearers.

Wood construction is modular.
Enlarge his house, raise the roof, doors or break windows, partitions or even moving stairs, rearrange his house entirely simpler and faster than concrete or masonry.
Wood construction offers all the possibilities at lower cost.